The Impossible Guerilla project @WUHAO TEAHOUSE

WUHAO TEAHOUSE is a special project in DASHILA,during the Beijing Design Week 2011.
It's a temporary teahouse and boutique. the old building used to be a brothel .

Yang Hongxun collaborated with WUHAO Teahouse of the The Impossible Guerilla project, He was using the Impossible Project films to take photos in the Teahouse ,and sticked all of the films in the teahouse in guerilla ways.If the visitors pay attention to the details of the teahouse, they may find the films by surprise.


杨弘迅与吾号茶馆合作的Guerilla project,他使用“不可思议计划”的菲林,在吾号茶馆内拍摄了一系列照片,之后,他将这些照片以游击的方式散落和粘贴在吾号茶馆中。如果参观者留意细节的话,会惊喜地发现这些照片。